Hi! I'm Facundo Barril from Córdoba - Argentina, and I work as a graphic designer and front end -sometimes back end- developer.

I started playing around with Photoshop, HTML and CSS back when I was 16 years old in 2005, getting into designing things and editing free templates for personal use. Basically learning in the fly while trying to solve the problems that I've got into.

Some years later, in 2010, I moved out to study at the university. That same year I did some small jobs with a friend, always trying to learn some new technology or way to do something. Later that same year I did a course of HTML/CSS and JavaScript to strengthen what I already knew and learn what I didn't. From that moment, with video tutorials and video courses started to immerse me in PHP5, later in

To this day I have done several projects, mostly small for friends or things like that, but some standout, like Cahos Gaming in which I had the freedom to try new things out working as a full stack. I'm still learning new things, watching online courses like Udemy's, and trying to always do something new in every project I do.

So, shall we start a new project?

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