Hello! My name is Facundo, I'm a Graphic Design student from Argentina. I do freelance works as Web Designer and Front End developer.

I started using Photoshop, HTML and CSS having 16 years old back in 2005, editing free templates for personal use. Basically learning in the fly while trying to solve the problems that I've got into.

Some years later, in 2010, I moved out to study at the university. That same year I did some small jobs with a friend, almost always learning something new. Later that same year I did a course of HTML/CSS and JavaScript to strengthen what I already known and learn what I didn't. From that moment, with video tutorials and video courses started to immerse myself in PHP5, later in ASP.net.

Until this day I have done several projects, mostly small but "CAHOS Gaming" stands out as the opposite. More than a year working on my free time and still not completely finished, but totally proud of how is taking shape.


At the moment I'm working on the following projects:

CAHOS Gaming

CAHOS Gaming is a very popular technology and multigaming website and comunity.

OMT Argentina

OMT SRL Argentina is the main provider of Airbus's telecommunications products in Argentina, providing equipment, infrastructure and maintenance services of telecommunication networks.

Contact me

For any work related, you can contact me at facubarril@webcreatio.net or using the contact form bellow.
Also, you can find me in the following social medias: Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and Google+.

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