64th VAS: Starting with Bulma

Hello! Uff, its been a long time since I post something in this blog... honestly I'm not much of a blogger, I don't even know if these things are still used these days or if people read something else than facebook. Anyway, I will use it as I programmed it, even if its from time to time. I will start to write a bit more as me, because it takes to much time and I have to write the same stuff twice but in spanish.

This afternoon I started with a project that I have been postponing for a few days now, the website for 64th VAS. Now, from the start they want to change the name to 64th AGRS so I have to edit the shield and some logos, no biggy. The thing is that I started with it and with a new framework for me: "Bulma" (like the one in dragon ball, at least oever here). Its pretty good, a framework with the same stuff as any other but using flexbox, witch feels very comfy and very modern.. but, as always, I run into some problems and the main was: Where the heck is the SASS file with all the vars? I searched for them everywhere and couldn't find them, that made me make another style sheet with my own modifications witch I don't like at all. Meh, its not that big deal anyway.

The rest pretty much all good. I did a good bit of the landing page. The navigation is still a bit default so next time apart from doing other section I will probably touch it a bit. And after that, to code!.. well, first the database then to code. I want to practice with the MVC (model, view, controller) and with OOP (object-oriented programming). What could go wrong?

Here is a picture of how its going

P.S.: I actually have less orthographic mistakes in Inglish that in Spanish... thats intresting!

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